About us


Flexion Global, a sister company to Arbortec Forestwear, have been developing high strength technical fibres since 1992. These threads were for the use in chainsaw protective garments which they manufactured, which continues today.

Using the thread technology and applying it to the glass and steel industry, Flexion Global have developed a range of cut level 5 clothing, gloves and security product like none other on the market.

In 2013, Flexion Global launched the new Dymatex thread. Dymatex is one of the thinnest fibres in the world to offer such high levels of strength. When woven into a glove or garment, the cut levels reached are up to 7 times higher than the minimum requirement for cut level 5 EN388 while still being extremely lightweight. For gloves this provides the most amazing levels of dexterity and comfort.

Not only is Dymatex cut resistance, but is also washable without losing strength, softness, flexibility and breathability.

The markets that we work with in the main are

  1. Glass producing plants
  2. Glass toughening plants
  3. Stock sheet glass suppliers
  4. Double glaze unit manufacturers
  5. Window installers
  6. Façade manufacturers and installers
  7. Curtain Walling manufacturers
  8. Frame manufacturers

The main advantages our products offer are:

  1. Maximum cut protection
  2. Washable without deterioration
  3. Extremely lightweight clothing
  4. Extremely dexterous gloves
  5. Soft fabric
  6. Highly breathable fabric
  7. Extremely tough. Outlast almost any similar fabric on the market

Through our continuous development and improvement ethos, Flexion Global aim to become the world’s number one in the manufacturer of technical fabrics, garments, gloves and other PPE.


To complement our range, Flexion Global have partnered with Elten Germany, the world’s highest quality technical safety footwear manufacturer.

Elten produce over 2million pairs of footwear per annum in the factory in Udem, Germany and produce a range of over 100 styles.

With emphasis on the Ergo-active range, Flexion Global has bought this concept to the UK delivering companies from mediocre far-eastern made footwear.

The Ergo-active range has been developed to eliminate the need for anti-fatigue matting focusing mainly on the automotive industry.

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