Another Blog About Coronavirus, Covid-19

Its the biggest challenge the world has faced since the war, and one in which no country is exempt. A lot has been written, and the situation changes daily as the governments struggle to contain its spread.

Unless a full lockdown is ordered, the Flexion Global factory in Portugal is continuing to produce the cut-resistant workwear for glass and steel industries. The Dymaflex and Xscape Collections are in stock, ready for next day despatch, and we can see a way through this crisis.

We'll keep up the contact, continue with upbeat messages and prepare ourselves for better times ahead. Even when we are working from home, we will still strive to provide the best experience, the best service and the best product.

We are bringing forward a major office refurb, we have a 3-year growth plan in place, we have a new telephone system and computer system.

To all the manufacturing plants still operating, the safety clothing resellers and engineers merchants we have a message: Give Flexion Global a try. We'd love to hear from you.