Glove Technology



Dymacut 5

A lightweight high strength oriented-strand gel spun through a spinneret, the base material being high performance polyethylene (HPPE).The strength to weight ratio’s for Dymacut5 is up to 15 times higher than steel and about 40% higher than Aramid. Dymacut5 is also 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. Our product has the worlds strongest fibres and has a strength to weight ratio reater even than Kevlar.


Dymacut 3

A cut level 3 version of the Dymacut5. Dymacut3 has less HPPE thread and a little more bulking material making it a more cost effective option for customers who don’t require cut level 5. The base material being High Performance Polyethylene(HPPE)





Polyurethane (PU) when precision dipped,makes the thinnest coating available forgloves. PU is, however, not as abrasion resistant as NBR or Latex but offers the highest level of dexterity.This makes PU coatings ideal for small component handling or where the user may need to regularlywrite, truly a second skin. Pu coated gloves, coupled with a cut level 5 glove, are recommended for:production lines, automotive, mechanics, metal handling, warehouse & forklift driving & construction.

 Black Gristle Latex BLACK GRISTLE LATEX 

Latex Gristle provides excellent grip in the wet. While not asdextrous as PU or Nitrile, the wrinkled finish makes the glovesideal for handling large, bulky or heavy items with ease where dexterity is not essential. Coupledwith a cut level 5 liner latex coated gloves would be recommended for: Glass stock sheet handling,steel handling, refuse and recycling, automotive, construction, maintenance, utilities and civilengineering.


Precision dipped Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR) is similar to PU. Thanks to theprecision dipping process it is extremely dextrous although not quite as dextrous as PU and givesexcellent abrasion resistance. PD-NBR also has good resistance to oil and chemical splash. PD-NBRcoupled with a cut level 5 liner would be recommended for: Glass handling, steel handling, steelfabrication, automotive, construction, maintenance, utilities, civil engineering, climbing and roping.

tough nbr TOUGH NBR

Tough NBR is a thicker version of the NBR-PD. Although this reduces thedexterity, it offers excellent abrasion resisitance, liquidresistance and grip in oily conditions. For the ultimate protection but with a little more dexteritythan latex coating, this is the choice. Thick NBR coupled with a cut 5 liner would be recommendedfor: handling soft coat glass, steel handling and processing, automotive, mechanics, utility,construction and civil engineering.

cut 5 gloves