Certification And Standards


PPE Regulations and Cut Resistance

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work regulation stipulates that employees must be provided with correct and appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Gloves and Clothing that are categorised as PPE must carry the CE certification mark.

All protective gloves and clothing must comply with the European Standard EN420 – General Requirements. This includes:

Construction Ergonomics Dexterity
Innocuousness         Product marking & packaging information Water vapour transmission & absorption
Sizing Electrostatic properties  Water absorption

Further standards relate to the physical performance of the product and provide a defined system of evaluation to measure the capability of the specific product against a set of criteria.

All gloves within the Flexion Global range are independently tested to the following EN388:2016 Level C Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risks

Each Flexion Global product will carry the relevant pictogram and corresponding technical data. The numbers directly below the pictogram indicate the performance levels in a specific sequence. Flexion Global strictly adheres to the PPE Regulation and its requirements.

 EN388 Protective Gloves against Mechanical Risks

The updated EN388:2016 Level C standard can now report up to six different measurements of mechanical protection, including the new ISO 13997 cut resistance test data for products delivering high-level cut protection or those which have demonstrated dulling of the blade using the original Blade Cut Test.

Cut Level 5 Gloves which have not been tested under the Blade Cut test will have a letter ‘X’ marked to indicate ‘not tested’ or ‘not applicable’ and only results from the ISO13997 cut test will be displayed, as shown in the pictogram example below:


Last Revised 23.07.2019