What Are Cut-Resistant Products Used For?

Primarily in high-risk environments where the product produced or handled is such that cutting, puncturing or slashing to the body, arms and hands is a real danger. Typically these include industries such as sheet handling, sheet metalwork, engineering, fabrication, glazing and steel stockholding. Other industries using similar products include emergency services, military, arborists and tree surgeons. Flexion sister company Arbortec Forestwear specializes in cut-resistant clothing for the practice of arboriculture which uses the same base fabric for protection.

How Is Cut Resistance Measured?

A cut-resistant product should carry the EN388:2016 / ISO13997 certification. Using a series of tests in a controlled environment the fabric used in the garment is given a rating which reflects how many cuts, abrasion, piercings and tearing it can withstand before giving way. Watch the Cut Test Video Here.

What is the difference between Dymaflex, Dyneema and Dymatex?

Dyneema is the base product and is the world’s strongest fibre. We call it Dymatex, and it is used in garments with the Dymaflex® brand. Compared to alternative materials, Dyneema fibre offers the lowest carbon footprint per unit of tenacity. Since solutions with Dyneema UD require less material to achieve a given performance and have high durability and long service life, a low carbon footprint in application lifetime can be achieved. Over the past few years, DSM Dyneema has further improved its environmental footprint in its manufacturing processes and is committed to continuing the path.

Is the Dymaflex Collection made from Kevlar?

No. The product is Dyneema Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP) which is lighter, more breathable, more comfortable to wear, smoother and softer than Kevlar. Crucially it also has a higher strength to weight ratio than Kevlar. Find out more here.

What is your lead time?

We aim to despatch our Dymaflex clothing and Xscape gloves the same day, on a 24-hour carrier. With stock availability exceeding 95%, we offer an outstanding client experience. Read more about the Flexion Experience Here.

Where Is The Dymaflex Collection made?

Flexion Global wholly owns a manufacturing plant in Portugal. The staff are dedicated, hardworking, well paid and committed to making Flexion Global the Number One Choice for cut resistant garments for the sheet material trades.

What Is Cut Level 5?

This relates to the standard EN388:2004 and is still commonly used by users for gloves which conform to ISO13997. All gloves in the Xscape Collection have been tested and certified to EN388:2016 Level C / ISO13997.

Do you sell outside the UK?

Yes, we certainly do. We have clients throughout Europe and in North America. We are currently searching for resellers outside the UK too, who will fit the profile we wish to project in terms of service, industry standing and commitment to the brand.

Can I open an account with you?

Yes certainly, subject to satisfactory references. We are primarily a trade outlet, supplying some of the biggest users and resellers in the UK.

Can I have clothing made in my company colours?

Yes, we will be glad to discuss and bespoke product. Although subject to a longer lead-time, usually approximately six weeks, and minimum quantities, because we are the manufacturer it is well within our capabilities.

Do I get a discount from the prices on your website store?

We offer a discount to companies with approved trade accounts, or where there are larger quantities involved. You are not buying a routine piece of workwear, but a properly user-friendly garment and we always like to ensure that you are fully informed. Please call us on 01553 819767. We'd love to talk to you about it.

Why are some products in larger sizes more money?

This is literally down to the additional cost of the cut-resistant fabric. You can appreciate it's a very special and expensive material and is by far the largest component in the finished product.

Can I have samples?

We do have Xscape glove samples readily available for trials, and also Dymaflex clothing - subject to qualified applications and companies.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, certainly we do for any standard products provided they have not been used. For bespoke products, we are not able to offer returns.

What is the Flexion Experience?

This is a statement we have made that gives you a guarantee of the service you can expect from Flexion. Find out more about The Flexion Experience here.