Kevlar or Dymatex?

The most common search word or search term when looking for cut-resistant clothing or cut resistant gloves is Kevlar®. It is an excellent product that first came to market in the 1970s being used in racing tyres, having been developed some 5 years earlier by DuPont. Its qualities include excellent resistance to heat and a strength-weight ratio five times that of steel.

Since then the product has been developed into material usable in diverse applications like bicycle tyres, bulletproof vests, sails for racing boats and even to replace Teflon in frying pans. It can be spun into sheets or ropes and used widely in composite materials. For example, in building construction, the 1976 Summer Olympics stadium in Montreal had a retractable roof, of some 60,000 square feet of which Kevlar was a component.

In this article, we are focusing on the use of Kevlar in personal protection. It is widely used in articles of work apparel where the requirement is protection from abrasion, cuts and heat. Being very light and thin, it quickly became very popular when compared to more traditional garments. Today it is present in Kevlar gloves, Kevlar sleeves, Kevlar trousers, Kevlar shirts, all used in industries where cut resistance is paramount.

However a new product to the commercial market was introduced in 1990, the base material being UHMWP. Sold under the brand name Dyneema® this material was actually invented in 1963. Used in the production of the Dymaflex® and Dymacut® cut resistant clothing and cut resistant gloves this material has a strength to weight ratio 15 times that of some steels, much higher than Kevlar, and 40% higher even than Aramid.

So why are users choosing Dymaflex over against Kevlar products?

  • Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Light Weight
  • Breathable
  • Cooler To Wear
  • Smoother, Softer Feel

Because of the lightweight, for example, 280gm in a Dymaflex brand sweatshirt, this product is replacing Kevlar based apparel. The Dymaflex and Dymacut ranges include cut-proof gloves, cut-proof trousers, cut-proof sleeves and cut resistant shirts.

We strongly recommend you take a look at the Flexion Global ranges of Dymaflex and Dymacut which are manufactured in our own European factory.  

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